Mission Statement & Objective

Mission Statement

The Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC) was established in 1993 to achieve sustainable conservation of natural resources, raise awareness and build capacities to contribute to the national efforts for better environmental management. Fundamental to AFDC’s mission is the pursuit of community-based conservation for the sustainable livelihoods of people. This comes from the idea that conservation will fail if local communities do not benefit from it.



AFDC's objectives include:

  • Developing local communities while maintaining conservation and the sustainable management of forests and natural resources.
  • Capacity building and public awareness in fields and issues related to the environment and sustainable development.
  • Conducting and disseminating studies and research related to different environmental and sustainable development issues.
  • Lobbying for changes in environmental and sustainable development policies.
  • Encouraging youth involvement and participation in development practices including working towards the establishment of youth centers and hostels.